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We're always happy to help anyone who's interested in renewable energy. The form on the right is normally the best way to get in touch - but you can ring, email or write if you prefer.

phone: 01223 851535


Midsummer Energy Limited
Fen House
Fen Rd


The website is run by Midsummer Energy, a small friendly company that specialises in renewable energy solutions for small, off-grid power systems, such as those found in yachts, mobile homes, and anywhere that a national grid connection is not possible or not wanted.

Our main website,, hosts a useful information secion with articles on various aspects of renewable energy solutions, and we sell a wide range of components.

We felt though that there was a niche for a small, specialised site for the 24 volt enthusiast - and so we created this! If you have any questions about 24 volt systems, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Midsummer Energy