Why go 24 Volt?

24 Volt systems are increasingly found in boats and caravans as an alternative to 12 Volt systems - and they have been common in lorry cabs for a lot longer!

The reason to choose a 24V system is simple - to carry the same electrical load, wires can be much thinner than they would need to be with a 12V system. If you are wiring a boat or motorhome from scratch, then you can save on wiring costs, and make sure you lose less power in the lines.

You can also save on many components of the systems. Solar regulators for example will often be rated at say 15A current, but can be used on either a 12 or 24V battery bank. At 24 Volts, you can attach a solar array twice the size to the battery bank - for no extra cost.

Most electrical components are available in 24V versions. We can supply solar panel kits, wind turbines, efficient flourescent and LED lighting, battery monitors, and inverters.