Wind turbines for 24V systems

AIR breeze wind turbine

AIR breeze wind turbine

Whether you want to provide power for a yacht in a coastal marina, or a static caravan on a Welsh hillside, wind turbines can be a great way to generate power for your 24 volt systems.

Wind turbines ideally require good unobstructed airflow in the direction upwind of the turbine. Install them as high as possible, though if you are surrounded by trees or buildings, don't expect the performance to be optimal!

Wind turbines make an ideal complement to solar panels for charging 24V battery systems, as they tend to be more effective the relatively windy weather of winter - precisely when solar panels are giving a bit less power.

The popular Rutland wind turbines are available in 24V versions. We recommend the 913 model for yachts, and the furling 903 model for land-based applications.

For a higher output, our new range of AIR turbines are robust and reliable and beautifully constructed. These are available in both standard 'land' and specialised "marine" variants.

If you power needs are modest but reliability and durability are paramount - as when powering remote equipment, for instance - then the Forgen vertical turbines are the answer.

Mounting your turbine

Most turbines are designed to clamp directly to the top of a metal tube, such as a standard scaffold pole, making installation simple and affordable. The wires can run down the length of the tube, exiting near the bottom through a suitable gland to prevent chafing.

In most cases it is necessary to support the pole using three or four guys. These should be attached as high on the pole as possible, and fixed to a solid anchor on the ground. The pole itself obviously requires a good solid base as well.

Finally, once your wind turbine is up and running, and hopefully supplying your 24V system with plenty of power, do remember to check the integrity of the installation at least monthly, as vibrations from the wind can cause nuts and bolts to gradually work themselves loose.