24 volt inverters

Whilst many appliances are available in 24V input form, an inverter will allow you to step up the voltage from your 24V system so as to be able to use appliances designed for the more usual high voltage current of the national grid. When deciding on an inverter, the main choice to be made is between "modified" and "true" sine wave models. Which will be best for you is entirely dependent on what you would specifically like to power with your 24V system.

Modified sine wave inverters produce alternating current output which roughly mimics, but does not truly reproduce that of mains AC. This is the cheaper way to achieve inversion, and whilst the current produced is effectively indistinguishable for a great many appliances, some specific pieces of equipment might struggle with this input.

For example, the excellent, British-made Durite model will serve your needs very well if you envision using your system to run incandescent lights, computers, mobile phone chargers, smaller Hi-Fis, televisions, radios, and non-digital hardware.

However, the Durite might have trouble with items featuring starter motors or compressors. For pretty much any appliance incorporating an electric motor, modified sine wave inverters can result in rough outputs and reliability issues.

Should you want to run this kind of equipment from your 24V system, you will need a "pure sine wave" inverter. These more expensive units produce a true mains-type alternating current. In fact, these inverters actually deliver a notably purer waveform than is achieved by the national grid! At the end of the day, if you want to be able to run the full range of appliances without having to worry about your inverter, a pure sine wave unit is the only way to go. However, whether this capability is worth the extra cost really does depend upon the specifics of your own needs.

Whichever inverter you do chose though, rest assured that all the models we sell are equipped with a host of safety mechanisms, including a low battery voltage shut down to prevent deep discharge.

Finally, should you be interested in 12V models of our modified and pure sine inverters, then please do have a look at the website of our parent company, Midsummer Energy.