24 volt lights

Installing energy efficient lighting can save a great deal of energy, and can thus significantly increase how far you can stretch the power produced by your solar array or wind turbine. Indeed, there it is entirely possible that fitting energy saving lighting could tip the balance between regularly having to top up one's battery bank with a generator and succeeding in subsisting entirely on the energy produced by your renewable sources.

Given that it is almost invariably cheaper to purchase energy efficient appliances rather than the additional soalr or wind capacity which would be required to run those appliances energy-hungry conventional counterparts, that one can really consider buying efficient lighting as equivalent to a very cost effective way of increasing the size of your renewables system.

The two main options for energy saving lighting are fluorescent and LED.

Our fluorescent lights are produced by Labcraft, who have been producing similar units for over 40 years. They are a market leading company who have built their position on the reliability and superior build quality of their products. Their lights are specifically designed to be run from 12 and 24V lead-acid battery banks, which makes them ideally suited to service in boats and caravans.

LEDs are a particularly effective way of spotlighting dark corners in boats and motorhomes. They consume only one fifth of the energy of their tungsten filament equivalent and can be expected to enjoy a working life around ten times greater than that of their tungsten filament equivalent.