24 volt MPPT solar regulators

MPPT regulators enjoy two main advantages over conventional units. Firstly, and importantly for the 24V user reliant upon industry standard 12V solar panels, they allow one to charge a 24V battery bank from any incoming voltage.

This means that it is possible to charge a 24V battery bank from a single 12V panel, or indeed to wire s swathe of panels in series for efficient charging with a solar output of up to 100V.

MPPT regulators also offer to increase the power output of your system by up to 30%. This is due simply to the ultra-efficient nature of the MPPT. For example, when a solar panel is cold it might produce around 17.5 volts, whilst only 13 is needed to charge the battery bank. Conventional regulators waste the difference, but an MPPT model will actually actively convert whatever incoming voltage it is presented with into the optimal input for the batteries it is connected to.

The MPPT's gains in efficiency are particularly significant in low light levels, making them especially well suited to regions at higher latitudes or with inclement weather (the UK unfortunately being a very good example of this kind of area...).

If you would like to read more about MPPT regulators, and how one could enhance your own system, then you can do so here.