NEW 10A Tracer MPPT and Monitor

Tracer BN



This new 10A solar regulator builds on the already fantastic Classic Tracer.

The updated regulator has the same great performance as the classic plus some incredible new features. These include
  • user defined battery settings.
  • This means you can fine tune the regulator to ensure the battery charging is best suited for your specific battery type rather than a pre determined voltage set by the controller manufacturer.

  • Programmable load control
  • meaning you can set timers to control loads and also change the Voltage cut off threshold thus ensuring your load will never drain your battery.

  • PC connectivity
  • You can also connect the device up to a computer via the free optional software and monitor your systems performance.

    This fantastic device comes with and can be connected to the MT-50 monitor which will display the state of charge for your battery bank, power output for your panels and also let you reprogram the regulator with your own charging values/load control settings.

    If you do not require the MT50 monitor please deselect at the top of the page.