ETracer 40A MPPT

E Tracer



This Tracer controller has superb functionality and excellent build quality. Suitable for 12V/24V/36V/48V systems and does everything you would expect from other units costing twice as much.

The new units have upgraded processor and software resulting in even more efficient charging. The unit also has an inbuilt LCD screen displaying charging information. They also come with temperature sensor for improved battery charging.


  • 450 day data logging by Ethernet connection
  • Network compatible (view charging information remotely)
  • Multiphase control technology, optimises charging current smoothness, reduces ripple, and improves the system generating efficiency
  • Sealed, Gel and Flooded battery option
  • Excellent EMC design, thermal design and natural air cooling
  • auto detect 12V/24V/36V/48V
  • Max Solar Input

  • 12V max input 400W
  • 24V max input 800W
  • 36V max input 1200W
  • 48V max input 1600W
  • Max Open circuit Voltage 150VOC DC

    Dimensions 238x203x105mm