Tracer 10A MPPT

Tracer Classic



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This classic Tracer controller has superb functionality and build quality. It is actually suitable for both 24V and 12V systems and does everything you would expect from other units costing twice as much.

The high input voltage means that it is perfect, at 24V, for one of our high output large framed panels.

The 99% efficient tracking algorithm makes sure that you get the most power possible from your panel. It has an LED display indicating charging status, battery status and work mode

This controller really is a great value, fully functional solution with which we are very impressed. If you are looking for a controller for a larger system, this range is available in 10A, 20A, 30A and 45A versions.

  • Max input voltage 60V
  • Temperature compensated 4-stage charging
  • Electronically protected against shorts etc.
  • Programmable battery selection - sealed, flooded and gel.
  • Low voltage disconnect facility
  • Max solar array power : 260W @ 24v, 130W @ 12v
  • Optional remote meter
  • 2yr warranty