Empo-ni SOL1 MPPT regulator




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A high-quality German-made MPPT solar controller that can handle up to 6 amps (100W of solar panels).

Uniquely, this regulator can charge both 12V and 24V systems from 12V solar panel(s). No longer to you need to wire your solar panels in pairs if you have a 24V system!

This high-spec unit includes a built-in polarity tester and status feedback LED.

On average you will get around 15-20% more power from your solar panel using a SOL1 compared to a conventional regulator. But when it really matters - in dull, overcast conditions, or when your battery is flat - the increase in output can be as much as 30%.

The perfect choice for the smaller systems. We also supply the Sol1 together with a choice of solar panel and wiring on our solar panel kits page.


  • Solar panel voltage: min 12V max 20V
  • Solar panel output power min 20W max 100W
  • Battery bank voltage: 12V / 24V
  • Battery bank size: min 20Ah, no max
  • Operating temp: min -20C max 45C
  • Terminal connections: 1.5 mm2