Morningstar SunSaver MPPT regulator 15 amp 24 volt




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Morningstar's high-quality 15 amp MPPT regulator is ideal for medium sized solar arrays up to 420W. The unit can cope with input voltage up to 75V, allowing you to wire your panels in series and get great performance in low light.

High efficiency solid-state transformers coupled with advanced internal software mean this unit will operate at up to 97.5% efficiency.

The unit is fully programmable, and can be adjusted either manually or via a connection to a personal computer.

The unit has built-in load terminals with low-voltage disconnect, ideal for protecting your batteries against excessive discharge.

An optional remote meter and battery temperature sensor can be additionally purchased to protect against short circuits, lightning and overloading.

With marine rated terminals and epoxy encapsulation, the SunSaver MPPT is fully protected against the elements. In the unlikely event that a fault occurs, it carries a five-year manufacturer's warranty.

For greater charging efficiency, particularly when battery temperature varies by more than 5C throughout the day/year, add a Morningstar remote temperature sensor.