Steca 2010 20A MPPT solar regulator 24 volt




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German firm Steca have 20 years experience in manufacturing solar regulators, so you can be sure of this 20A MPPT controller.

It can be used with up to 560W of solar panels wired to produce up to 100V open circuit voltage for maximum options with your panel configuration. The intelligent MPPT algorithm has a peak efficiency of over 98% and will give you a valuable power boost over a conventional regulator.

A sophisticated multi-stage PWM charging algorithm will get the maximum energy into your batteries, and the unit automatically delivers an equalising charge every month to keep them in tip top condition. The 4-LED battery status display so shows your battery level at a glance as well as indicating fault codes.

Load terminals with automatic low voltage disconnect are also built-in, protecting your batteries from over discharge by appliances such as fridges etc.


  • Temperature compensated charging
  • Electronically protected against shorts etc.
  • 10A load terminal with low voltage disconnect facility
  • Max solar array power : 480W @ 24V
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty