70W 24V solar panel kit

single panel



This kit includes the excellent Kyocera KD70 70W solar panel, the Emponi MPPT regulator and all the wiring you need to connect up the system.

Thanks to the cunning circuitry of the Empo-ni regulator, this kit will charge your 24V battery bank from the single 12V solar panel supplied. Better still, the MPPT regulator actively tracks the maximum power point of your panel, giving a power boost of as much as 30% over a conventional regulator, particularly in cold weather and low light conditions.

Included as standard in this kit is 3m of UV-resistant outdoor-rated FlexSolar cable to connect the panel to the regulator and 1.5mm tri-rated cable complete with in-line fuse and ring terminals to connect the regulator to your battery.

If you require longer cables, just let us know. We will make solar cables up to 5m and battery cables up to 3m at no extra charge, and we can prepare longer and/or heavier cables for a small fee.

Solar panel mounts are available through our sister company Midsummer Energy: a solar panel mounts.