24V solar panels

Most small framed solar panels are designed to have a Voltage suitable for charging 12V.

Whilst this might seem somewhat inconvenient for the 24V user, in reality 12V panels are used very successfully with 24V systems with just a little consideration as to set-up.

Until recently, the standard way to solve the panel output problem was simply to wire two 12V panels in series, yielding a 24V output.

However, the advent of the MPPT regulator has offered a second option. These impressive devices are capable of taking any voltage thrown at them, between 12 and 150V, and converting it to the optimal input for your 24V battery bank.

Not only that, but the ultra-efficient tracking algorithms they employ provide a 30% power boost as compared to a traditional regulator!

Of course, we realise that the technical considerations of deciding from scratch on all the components of your own 24V system seem somewhat daunting, or that you simply might not have the time to think about it, we also provide a range of "off-the-shelf" 24V solar kits. These contain a solar panel already matched with an appropriate regulator and all the wiring and accessories you need to get a system up and running immediately.