70W GB-SOL marine solar panel




Made in the UK, this GB-SOL semi-flexible low-profile 70W crystalline solar panels has high efficiency silicon modules are bonded to an aluminium sheet and laminated with a UV-resistant non-slip coating, making them perfect for use on yachts.

Measuring 760mm x 650mm x 10mm, they can be fixed down with an adhesive sealant (which we can supply - please contact us for details) or using the four screw holes in the corners. When bonded down they are virtually theft-proof.

Supplied with 2m fitted cable. We can supply deck glands suitable for this cable to bring it in through the deck.

Power: 70Wpeak, voltage: 18.4Vpeak, current: 4.1Apeak. Guaranteed at 90% of peak for 10 years, and 80% for 25 years.

You even get a choice of colours! The dark blue backing (nearly black) matches the colour of the photovoltaic cells, and looks very stylish - or go for the silver backing if you prefer a bit of contrast. Simply choose from the options above.

IMPORTANT This is a 12V panel. If you are charging a 24V battery bank via a conventional regulator you will need to buy two of these panels and wire them in series in order to produce 24V.

Alternatively, this panel is available as a kit with the excellent Empo-ni Sol1 MPPT regulator and all necessary wiring. This regulator incorporates a DC-DC convertor, allowing you to charge your 24V battery bank from a single 12V panel.