Kyocera KD70 70W framed solar panel

12V framed



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Kyocera's range of framed solar panels are top-quality polycrystalline silicon bonded to a toughened glass plate and framed with a robust aluminium frame.

This 70W panel has a waterproof junction box mounted on the rear, with waterproof cable glands provided for cable connection.

Dimensions: 778 x 660 x 45mm. Max Power: 70W. Max Current: 3.92A. Output guaranteed for 20 years.

IMPORTANT: This is a 12V panel. If you are charging a 24V battery bank via a conventional regulator you will need to buy two of these panels and wire them in series in order to produce 24V. Alternatively, if you prefer to use only a single solar panel, you can use an Emponi MPPT regulator, which incorporates a DC-DC converter that transforms the 12V output from the panel into 24V to charge your batteries.