Unisolar 68W flexible self-adhesive solar panel

Peel and stick



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A tough solar panel using amorphous silicon technology, which is more efficient in low level light conditions than conventional crystalline solar panels. This is without a doubt the most elegant power solution we have discovered for narrowboats and caravans - simply peel off the backing, stick down, connect up the wires and enjoy the free power of the sun!

These panels can also be used on metal 'standing-seam' roofs to provide power to buildings, either in off-grid environments, or grid-connected ones using a suitable inverter. The incredibly low profile and discreet colour means that you will hardly even notice the panels are there, yet they will churn out power for years with no maintenance at all. A superb bit of kit!

This panel is available with the wires exiting the top of the panel, terminated in MC connectors (we can supply mating leads - please contact us for details). The alternative version that we used to stock with the wires exiting the bottom of the panel is unfortunately no longer manufactured - sorry!

IMPORTANT This is a 12V panel. If you are charging a 24V battery bank via a conventional regulator you will need to buy two of these panels and wire them in series in order to produce 24V.

Alternatively, this panel is available as a kit with the excellent Empo-ni Sol1 MPPT regulator and all necessary wiring. This regulator incorporates a DC-DC convertor, allowing you to charge your 24V battery bank from a single 12V panel.