24 volt wind turbines

We stock a wide variety of different wind turbines, between them suitable for all applications and working environments.

One of our most popular lines is the Rutland range, manufactured by British firm Marlec Engineering. These turbines are amongst the best selling in the world, and have found themselves in use in all corners of the globe.

Both the 913 model, constructed using marine-grade components and designed for use on yachts, and the furling 910 and 1803 models, generally employed in land-based roles, are available in 24 volt versions. Of course, should you happen to be interested in a 12 volt turbine, you can always acquire one from our parent company, Midsummer Energy.

In contrast to the familiar "horizontal" design employed by Rutland and other turbines, turbines made by Forgen, and some made by Leading Edge, are constructed as "vertical" modules. Rather than the usual arrangement with blades radiating from a central shaft, blades on these turbines are arranged in a rotating drum configuration. This design is especially resilient when confronted with high wind speeds, and, consequently, finds frequent use in some of the most extreme environments in the world.

The key to this resistance to gale force winds is held in the peculiar aerodynamic qualities of the drum-like blade arrangement, which effectively caps the maximum speed at which the turbine can rotate. One might imagine that an upper limit on blade speed would be disadvantageous, but, in practice. allow vertical turbines to continue to generate electricity in conditions where horizontal units would have to be shut down to stop them spinning out of control.

Vertical turbines made by Forgen are even employed by the British Antarctic Survey, who naturally require nothing but the most robust and, reliable and durable equipment. Forgen turbines are selected not just for the wind resistance inherent to all vertical turbines, but also for the overall build quality of those units in particular.

These machines are the product of the high calibre fabrication of a elegantly simple and well thought out design. Forgen turbines are made with quality sealed bearings and a carefully balanced generator. Moreover, all electrical components are encapsulated and the unit is virtually maintenance free. There are no slip rings to cause interference against electrical equipment, the outlet supply cable to the battery cannot become entangled, there are no separate blades, and the unit is vibration free and silent in operation.

Should you be interested in a 12V version of the Forgen, one can be found in the online store of our parent company, Midsummer Energy.