Rutland 914i wind turbine (24V)

Rutland Turbines



The Rutland 914i wind turbine is a powerful, robust unit delivering 140W at 11m/s. It produces 30% more power than Marlec's highly successful and market leading 913 model, yet has retained it's compact diameter. This improvement is achieved by the unit intelligently using Maximum Power Point Tracking technology to perfectly match the generator operation to the turbine speed. Its marine-grade construction makes it ideal for cruising yachts, but it is equally at home on narrowboats or static caravans - or even in remote power systems, powering telecommunications equipment, scientific loggers or electric fences! Wherever a suitable site is available with unobstructed airflow in the upwind direction, it will produce plenty of clean, green electricity for you.

A regulator should be used with this turbine to prevent overcharging your battery bank. The HRSi regulator that we sell is ideal, or the HRDi which has the ability to charge two independent battery banks, and includes an LCD display.